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Massage Twisting Disk - Mute Waist Weight Loss Fitness Equipment

Massage Twisting Disk - Mute Waist Weight Loss Fitness Equipment

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Color classification: gray models blue models green models orange models gray smart models [counting calories] green smart models [counting calories] blue smart models [counting calories] silver gray 3D massage models cherry powder 3D massage models blue 3D Massage blue smart upgrade model [counting calorie count] Orange smart upgrade model [counting calorie count] Blue upgrade with drawstring Green upgrade with drawstring Orange upgrade with drawstring [Recommended for hips and thin belly] Orange smart upgrade + puller [Recommended for beautiful back fat burning] Blue smart model + rally [recommended for slimming and shaping] green model + rally [slim belly and beautiful legs] pink rally with red, yellow, purple, green and blue optional without remarks random hair [recommended for thin waist body] green upgrade With drawstring + tensioner [Lajin Tongluo beautiful leg shaping] gray combination model [Lajin Tongluo slimming beauty back] blue with draw rope combination tensioner smart red / open shoulder chest / full body tension
Choose according to fitness effect: beautiful waist/thin waist/plastic waist
Item No.: 2231
Fitness equipment classification: Magnet waist disc
Whether it is the same in the mall: Yes
Size: 27*27*3cm
Material: Plastic

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Plastic fitness equipment*1

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